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We offer group classes and private lessons in Norman and Lexington, Oklahoma. Our classes are kept small to allow for personalized attention in a relaxed, non-intimidating environment. Learn to overcome your fears and safely handle a firearm for self-defense or recreational purposes.
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Self-Defense and Weapons Retention Classes
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Class Schedule

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting: Cost $100

Length: 6-hours. This course is designed for individuals who have never handled a handgun or those who would like a refresher course on safe gun handling and basic marksmanship skills. Participants will be taught shooting fundamentals; gun cleaning and maintenance techniques; and more.

NRA First Steps Rifle Orientation: Cost $150

Length: 4-hours.This course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation tothe AR-15 rifle platform. This course is recommended for new owners of an AR-15 style rifle and those who want a refresher course.  Students will be taught AR-15 parts and operation; required ammunition; shooting fundamentals; how to clean the rifle; and continued opportunities for skill development.   Students must bring their own rifle for this course.

NRA Personal Protection In The Home: Cost $150

Length: 8-hours. Pre-requisite: NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting or instructor permission. This course covers home defense strategies and defensive techniques against a violent confrontation. Learn strategies to defend your home and family. This is an intermediate level course for individuals who have demonstrated a basic understanding of firearm safety, handling, and marksmanship.  Participants must bring their own handgun for intermediate and advance course.

Advance Concealed Carry: NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home
Level I: Cost $200; Levels I & II: Cost $300

Length: 9-14 hours. Pre-requisite: NRA Personal Protection In The Home and a valid Oklahoma Handgun License or instructor permission. The course is divided into two levels. Level I is 9-hours and offers the essential knowledge and skills that must be mastered in order to carry, store, and use a firearm safely and effectively for personal protection outside the home. Students spend several hours. Upon successful completion, students may choose to attend Level II, which is an additional five hours on the range learning advanced shooting skills. Participants must bring their own handgun for intermediate and advance course.

NRA Defensive Pistol: Cost $200

Pre-requisite: The NRA Defensive Pistol Course will focus on the techniques needed to develop a defensive mindset. This is an 8-hours course. The goal of the course will be to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly, and with confidence. As a result of participating in this course, the student will be able to explain and demonstrate the following: How to apply the NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling when carrying a concealed firearm, basic principles of concealment, the difference between cover and concealment, drawing from the holster, levels of mental awareness, developing the proper mindset when using a pistol for personal protection. Participants must bring their own handgun for intermediate and advance course.

Oklahoma Self-Defense Act Training (Handgun Carry License):
Group Class Cost $60; Private Class Cost: $100

Recommended Pre-requisite: NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting or an equivalent course. Length: 6-hours. This course is certified by the State of Oklahoma to meet the mandated 8-hours training requirements set in the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act to apply for a handgun license in the state of Oklahoma. Successful completion of a gun safety multiple choice test and range course of fire is required by the state. The course will cover handgun gun safety and the requirements of the Oklahoma Self-defense Act. This is not a beginner class, you must exhibit basic shooting proficiency on a live range. If you fail to exhibit firearm safety at all times, pass the written gun safety examination, and successfully pass the live fire course of fire, you will not be given a completion certificate. You will be given one additional hour on a different day at no charge to successfully complete the live fire course of fire or safety examination. Refunds will not be given for failure to qualify on the range or if you are unable to pass the gun safety examination.  

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar: Cost $50

This is not a firearms instruction course, and does not include instruction in physical combat self-defense. This is a 4-hour seminars that teaches common weaknesses that criminals may take advantage of, and a variety of corrective measures that are practical, inexpensive and easy to follow. The seminar includes classroom instruction on criminal psychology, automobile crimes; cyber safety, home security, and a variety of crime prevention strategies including carjack avoidance techniques, use of personal safety devices, and more.

NRA Home Firearm Safety: Cost $50

This is a 2-hour seminar covering safe gun handling in the home and storage options. This seminar is conducted in the classroom only. Students are taught the rules for safe gun handling; primary causes of firearms accidents; how to unload certain action types; ammunition components; safe storage of firearms in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports.
Class Schedule
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