Training Policies

Thank you for choosing us for your firearm and self-defense training! We have training policies in place for your safety and the safety of those around you in the training environment.

"Safety First"

  • At all times, we reserve the right to terminate training with or without warning due to unsafe handling of a firearm, failure to follow directions, and any other safety concerns.
  • Do not walk into our office building with a firearm that is not in a case or holstered if you are in possession of a valid handgun license. Firearms will only be handled at the range in  a designated location.
  • Toy style training pistols will be used during the classroom portion.  Training pistols are to be handled and treated as if they are real. All safety rules and precautions still apply.  If someone cannot demonstrate that they can handle a toy gun safely, they should not be in possession of a real one.
  • Completion of a liability waiver, payment, and a copy of your driver's license is required before training starts.
  • We do not instruct minors in our firearms classes.  Our firearm classes are for adults who are at least 21 years old and who can lawfully own and carry a firearm. However, we do offer kids safety and crime prevention classes for minors, a parent or guardian must be present for these classes. 
  • We utilize a private outdoor range for most of our classes; therefore, courses may be cancelled due to poor or severe weather conditions; we will make every attempt to track the weather forecasts and secure a local indoor range, but this is not guaranteed. Registered participants who have a class cancelled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances will have the option to schedule a private course or reschedule to a future group class date.
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